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It's been a while since I drew anything and put up online. I wanna put up original work, even some old projects a few years ago from college but I'm still afraid of ones stealing my work and selling them as their own. That said, now that I'm not playing video games or eating junk food for Lent, I thought of sharing my thoughts on what games I'm looking forward to this year.

Before I start, I see January as a wind-down time of big releases between Christmas and Spring and these aren't all the games, just some in particular that I want to play.

Heart Forth, Alicia and Timespinner

I love Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and I'm really excited for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night but since it'll be a while, I'm gonna look at games that were announced and funded earlier. HFA and Timespinner are both Metroidvania games with beautiful 16-bit graphics like SotN, hopefully with some interesting worlds to explore and stuff to do. Waiting is the hardest part with these crowd-funded games. Broken Age was funded back 2011 when it was still under the name "Double Fine Adventures" and these two games were both funded back 2014... I think. Crossing fingers that they'll be coming late this year though console versions will likely come 2017. Poo!

Shantae: Helf-Genie Hero

Speaking of crowd-funded Metroidvania indie games. Unlike the first two mentioned, Shantae is a recognisable series by WayForward with three great games, that I had fun with these recent years. Basically I'm more confident that this'll come 2016.

Project Setsuna

Also known as Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna or Sestuna of Snow and Sacrifice in Japan, this feels like the opposite to the usual way Square-Enix games. Instead of announcing big titles with veteran developers as soon as pre-development, Project Setsuna is a new IP, first shown when it was well into development, by a new team under Square called Tokyo RPG Factory. Terrible name for a team aside, Setsuna is going to be a throwback to old school JRPGs, mainly Chrono Trigger with it's ATB 2.0 battle system. Why I'm looking to forward to this because it looks as fun as Chrono Trigger but doesn't carry the weight, legacy or art style of the 1995 SNES game just mentioned and it's coming to PS4 and Vita! How cool is that?


It's been over ten years since this game was announced. What was once a Musou-style game by Omega Force, about a blond-haired Samurai of both Japanese and Western origins fighting loads of samurai, has now become a Dark Souls-style game by Team Ninja, about a blond-haired Samurai of both Japanese and Western origins fighting evil demons. While I'm skeptical about the shift in development since I don't like those kind of games FromSoftware makes (thought I respect the genre), I do wanna see this'll turn out to be the one to get me into those type of games and to see Team Ninja could get some respect again after Metroid: Other M, Ninja Gaiden III and, DOA5 with it's updates and DLC as well as DOAX3. I want to least to hear that cheesy J-Rock song again.

Final Fantasy XV

Unlike the rest, this one is very obvious but this game means a lot to me. I remember watching the first trailer when it was on a PSM DVD back 2006. The modern city at night, the somber music that set the mood, the promise of an action RPG. That trailer lasted for 5 minutes, taking its time, something I hope the development has been between 2013 and 2016. While I liked the demo well enough albeit the jack of all trades but master of none, I want to believe the days it was called Versus XIII wasn't too big of a sacrifice. Was the PS3's architecture and Square's Crystal Tools engine not good enough? Was Nomura too mad to carry on? Is everything going well under a better platform, better engine and hopefully better director. I just want this game to be good to prove the nay-sayers wrong, to prove that XIII's quality doesn't apply to XV.

What's your opinion?
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Seeing wide-eyed bland people replaced my with a dark, bottomless abyss of hate.


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